File encryption/Password protection

Questions and answers on how to use XLSReadWriteII 3/4/5.
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File encryption/Password protection

Post by MichaelD »

I'm using XLSReadWrtie 5 (5.10.03)

I want to save the XLS as an encrypted, password-protected file (Excel File Open Password).
I've read that it should be possible, but haven't found any hint.

When using the XLS.password property bfeore WRITE it seems simply - but won't take any effect.

Please can you give me any hint (or sniplet) how to password protect the file?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: File encryption/Password protection

Post by larsa »


Version 5 don't support encryption, it's only supported in version 6.

The Password property is only for protected worksheets, it's not used for encryption.
Lars Arvidsson, Axolot Data
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